For as long as I can remember, music has been apart of my life. My dad used to have this big stereo set up in our living room and he was always playing all types of music. Mostly oldies, of course, but country and rap were certainly apart of the rotation. I have so many memories of my dad and I singing with and to each other. When driving in the car, music was always playing and being sung.

Music always brings back memories for me. When I hear Peaches and Herb’s “Close Your Eyes” I’m instantly taken back to being 8 years old and singing the echo part with my dad. Same thing for Leann Rimes’ “Blue”.

It was no surprise that when we started going to church, I was introduced to a new sound of music.

Christian Music.

Yesterday, I woke up wanting to listen to Kirk Franklin. He was one of the first artists I started listening to. That, of course, lead to Avalon and then Point of Grace, which of course lead to Crystal Lewis and Out of Eden. So all day, while I was listening to my christian childhood through these artists, I started to wonder how much of these songs helped shape my belief system. When I heard Kirk sing, “You don’t have to worry
And don’t you be afraid, Joy comes in the morning, Troubles they don’t last always, For there’s a friend in Jesus, Who will wipe your tears away, And if your heart is broken, Just lift your hands and say” was that preparation for losing my brother? Did those words resonate within me as I fought to understand the tragedy that I walked through? When Avalon sang, “The dreams I dream for you, Are deeper than the ones you’re clinging to, More precious than the finest thing you knew, And truer than the treasures you pursue” are those words still speaking to me today, as I figure out what my life dreams and pursuits are?

There are so many times that I wish I could go back and tell little Jessica to pay attention more, to listen for God’s voice with more persistence. I wouldn’t change anything that I did, but maybe if I would have at least recognized the working that God was doing, even then, then I would know how to function better today.

I hope this love of music never fades. I hope, that for the rest of my life, I constantly enjoy seeking out new music and allowing it to help shape my life.

And I hope that I can teach my kids that music can do so much for your life.


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