Sunday Bakes

In an effort to continue working on my creativity, I’ve started a series called Sunday Bakes. Basically part of October through the end of the year I’m baking something different every Sunday. I think I’m only…. 3 weeks in? But I’m having so much fun!! The researching and planning has kept me busy and I’m LOVING it!

So of course, I wanted to share it here…

Week #1: Thick and Fudgy Double Chocolate Cookies – From Pinch Of Yum

These came out SOOO good! I took them to work, and they were gone so fast!! Someone said they taste like chocolate poptarts, and I totally agree!! I made them again for Halloween and again, they were loved. 🙂

Week #2: Easy Peasy Whole Wheat Bread – Tasty Kitchen

Let me tell you, there is NOTHING like making your own bread. This was so easy, and so much fun, and soo good!! Store bought bread has nothing on this bad boy. It was dense, and heavy and hearty!! My mom and I had a PB&J right after this came of the oven and that ended up being dinner for us! I need to make bread more often. 

Week 3: The BEST Carrot Cake Recipe – Gimme Some Oven

Fall Baking 2014-6 Fall Baking 2014-7 Fall Baking 2014-8

I actually remember to take proper photos of this one. My cousin LOVES carrot cake, and he was moving out of our house this weekend so I decided to make some carrot cake for him. This thing took ALL day long! I’m not really sure why, I think I was moving a bit slow, plus I always forget that making cakes means a long waiting time for cake cooling. I was really excited that the frosting came out! I’m so terrible at making frostings for some reason! Everyone in my house has enjoyed this and the bright orange of the carrots makes my heart happy. 🙂

I want to try to also blog each weeks baking excursion. So I’ll be back next week! I already know what I’m baking but it’s a secret.

As an added bonus, I made something on Saturday too! I make those every year and I’m so glad that I switched up the recipe this year, these came out SOOO good!!!

Vanilla Bean Marshmallows – How Sweet Eats

Fall Baking 2014-3 Fall Baking 2014-2


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